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Piano Courses 2018
Tim P Manger - Piano Teacher

Piano Courses 2018

Available Courses in 2018

In addition to Tim's standard teaching method, you may also select a more specific music course.

To simplify the learning process for students, Tim has designed several courses below, which he believes are critical to the learning of piano.

Course Outlines

Course 1 - AMEB Grades

Based on the official AMEB course for piano students, this course provides a rigid structure for learning piano.

Together with exams and recognised certificates, this course is designed to develop piano skills to a high level.

Learn About

- Music from different periods
- Technical scales & arpeggios
- The application of learnt techniques
- Sight reading
- Tone and pitch recognition
- Rhythm patterns


To provide students with a sound basis for playing piano, and to underpin practical skills with general knowledge and technical ability.


3 -4 months per grade level [Based on a 1 hour lesson per week] | Enquire Now

Course 2 - Pitch & Key

Based heavily on the western format for major scaling TT ST TTT ST, this course is a must for budding musicians who are looking to underpin their understanding of pitch basics.

Learn About

- Major & Minor Scales & Chords
- Dominant 7th & Major 7th Chords
- Diminished Chords
- Simple Triads & Tetra Chords
- Chord Inversions
- Arpeggios


To give students the confidence to read sheet music that can be easily played using chord progressions, modulation and simple triad structures


8 Weeks [Based on a 1 hour lesson per week] | Enquire Now

Course 3 - Notation & Rhythm

Course 4 - Theory

Course 5 - Performance


Local Piano Lessons
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